Innovative Instruction

Paul Stephenson is literate with the music software Finale and Sibelius. This knowledge can help people put their musical ideas on paper. He enjoys helping students learn about improvisation, composition and anything else related to music theory. He can tutor you for the AP Music Theory test.

Meet the Teacher


If you are interested in joining the studio, please feel free to call or email Paul so that we can discuss your musical goals.

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What to Expect

Weekly piano and voice lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. The lesson time is divided into working on technique, sight-reading, theory and repertoire. Each lesson is unique because the content is based on what the student has prepared or not prepared (yes, few of us are consistent every week).

Students are encouraged to practice every day, however, Paul believes that learning how to practice is a skill and he helps students understand what kind of practice helps them grow best. For instance, practice content should vary a little every day. The key is to sit down and play the piano every day.

Paul believes that commitment and perseverance are important in meeting your goals of learning to play or sing better than you do now. He thinks working hard at an attainable goal is fun. There are opportunities throughout the year to perform.