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Innovative Instruction

Paul Stephenson is literate with the music software Finale and Sibelius. This knowledge can help people put their musical ideas on paper. He enjoys helping students learn about improvisation, composition and anything else related to music theory. He can tutor you for the AP Music Theory test.

Meet the Teacher


If you are interested in joining the studio, please feel free to call or email Paul so that we can discuss your musical goals.

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Music Teacher Pasadena

The Music Teacher offers weekly private piano, voice and music theory lessons to individuals and groups. These lessons are taught by Paul Stephenson in his private home. He has a well-appointed studio dedicated to music with a Yamaha 6’3” Conservatory piano.

Music Philosophy

Music is the soul of life. Some have said that “music makes the world go around!” It plays a critical role in children’s development, integrated into their physical, cognitive, and spiritual development.

Current research has shown that music training changes the brain’s structure, leading to a greater capacity for understanding the complexity of math, reading comprehension and an awareness of beauty in the world.

Musical experience makes a strong positive difference in a child’s life. Music training, practice and performance also give children insight into human emotion and a productive way to interact with people. Parents who give this gift will change a child’s life forever.